Our Services

Specialty Script Rx offers the following,

Yet, not limited to:

  • We provide regular inventory readings detailing all logistical activity / receiving activity as well as temperature data trends to our clients.

  • All inventory storage are handled according to our client’s preferences as well as their standard operating procedures.

  • Operations are carried out according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) .

We Supply U.S FDA approved Items

Comparator Sourcing and providers of US FDA approved Brand, Generic and Over the Counter Products. Including difficult to access Specialty Medications, Limited Distribution Drugs and Orphan Drugs for Rare Diseases

Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation including Pro-Forma Invoices, T3 Pedigree with each and every order, Certificate of Analysis (when available), package inserts and product specifications.

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Good Distribution Practice (CDP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Following Current Good Distribution Practices (CDP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) to the highest degree.

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Temperature controlled and conditioned shipping cartons

Shipping with temperature-controlled and conditioned cartons accompanied with temperature mapping / monitoring devices.

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Storing and warehousing options tailored to best suit your needs.

Storing and warehousing options available for both, ambient and cold-chain items tailored to best suit your needs.

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We Exceed the Industry Standard for Cold Chain Supply

Offering a unique temperature-controlled environment for ambient and cold chain supply, allowing for storage and preparation to exceed industry standards

We offer a myriad of ancillary Medical Supplies

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We offer incredibly quick turnaround time

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